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About Recommended Merchants

Through the years we have developed some trustworthy relationships with many local merchants. We are happy to share our thoughts with you. Below you will find a few of the businesses that we have worked with for many years.

If you have a question about where to take a car that we don’t service give us a call. We try to stay current with shops providing good service for other makes.

If you are thinking of purchasing a new or used car and are overwhelmed by the process, feel free to call and ask for some advice. We try to keep track of our customer’s cars that are currently for sale and can often recommend reliable and honest sales people for new car purchases.

AAA Colorado Auto Source

Peter can help you with both used and new car purchases.

You need not be a AAA member to use his service.

Peter West
Colorado AutoSource
1933 28th St. (Marshall Plaza)
Boulder Colorado
303 520 7569

Barnsley Tire

For your tire and alignment needs.

2535 Pearl Street
Boulder Colorado 80302
303 443 3553

Tibetan Village Project

If you have any extra money, send it here.

A humanitarian program for rural Tibetans in Tibet.


Engineers Without Borders

Bernard Amadei recently told me that a team of engineers could be kept busy continuously fixing broken systems already in place in poor nations. More than that, Engineers Without Borders researches and designs appropriate technological solutions for needy communities around the world. Your donations will go further and accomplish more here than anywhere else.